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Related post: Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 16:41:09 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: ?For Sale By Owner: ReaDy FoR THe CiTy' 08You know the drill: The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, of continents or islands, in countries, counties, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, streets, cul-de-sacs, nor governmental or non-governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if guy-to-guy illegale nymphet sex stuff makes you barf or is going to screw up your mind, you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such.% Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. 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And then, explaining to Kyle, but meant for all to hear, "Scotty's in no trouble. He's off with some guy." Trying to keep a stiff upper lip, "'Says he'll be back to get his things and... and..." And Michael couldn't hold it anymore.Alex was faked out, but not with total surprise when Michael caved into Darryl's arms. Strolling back over to his ukranian bbs nymphets own man, Kyle whispers, "Looks like you've been replaced!"Replying, Alex says, "Yeah and it couldn't have happened at a better russian fashion nymphet time, wouldn't you agree?"After a minute or two of consoling, prying several tissues out of the little pack he carried in his pocket, Darryl cheerfully announces, "Anybody up for a submarine ride?"Still licking his cereal spoon off, Peter comes from the kitchen, "Can I go? Can I? Can I?" Staring up, "Can I Alex?"Put on the spot, the face looking up, compels Alex to say, "I thought you wanted to go american young nymphet to the museum?"They all got nymphet gallery xxx a giggle out of Peter saying, "Can't we ride the submarine to the museum?""I don't know how to break this to you Peter, but you're a little too little for a ride?" Darryl says sympathetically, kneeling down to his level."Oh." It was a downer for the ten year old, but cheering everyone, as well as himself, he turns free child nymphet right around with a brightened little nymphets strawberry attitude, again looking up to Alex like a big brother, "When are we going to the museum?"Looking down at Peter, Alex bends, grabs him up in his arms and exclaims, "For being such a good sport, as soon as we're ready and we're stopping on the way to get you some summer duds! Would you like that?"They all laugh where Peter says, "Can't you make me some, Alex?" It then occurs to Peter, the fruits of their labors from yesterday, "Hey Alex, can I wear the boy-briefs I was making?""Boy-briefs?" Darryl questions, finally standing and posing to Alex.Michael steps in to bail his friend out, "I didn't tell you... I mean it didn't come up, but Alex designs men's briefs."From the mouthes of babes, it comes from Peter, "Yeah, they got this little... what do you call it Alex?"A little embarrassed, not that Alex had to be, because he was sure Darryl was quite familiar with the 'male anatomy', he replies, "It's called a 'bootie', Peter.""That's it! It's what I meant to say!" 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Darryl questions with a smile when he turns around."Yeah," Michael, slightly coming out of his moody state, "I sold a dozen or two at the Studmuffin Party best nymphets bbs out at....""You were at the Karlyle estate? Lucky you!" Darryl says after recognizing the name of the event.Before they can get involved with conversation over this new subject, Peter asks in excitement, "Hey! Want to see where Alex puts them together?"Before hot nymphettes anyone could suggest 'yes' or 'no', Peter had Darryl and Michael by the hands and led them off towards the rear of the condo apartment."I hope you picked up your room?" Kyle asks Alex."It's as neat as a pin.""You wouldn't happen to have a pair all finished? It would make Peter happy!""Peter? What about Darryl? Could be he's all cramped in, down there!" youngnymphetart Alex flutters his eyebrows.As they nymphets virgin pussy casually stroll, Kyle asks, "Were you checking him out?""Of course!" Alex replies with a laugh."I suppose it comes with the territory.""What does?"Kyle renders, "A designer of men's briefs. In order to know what men 'want', you have to be sympathetic to their 'needs'?""We better change the subject naughty little nymphetts or else I'll need a man who can be sympathetic to nymphet teen russia 'my' needs!""I volunteer!" Kyle raises his hand energetically!%Returning to the pool, they found its caretaker still in attendance."You've been cleaning the pool all night, Darryl?" Byron asks, knowing it not the truth.Micah knew differently, but allowed the eighteen year old to share as much as he chose, "Oh no. I got up, ate, then nymphet young girl pics swam for awhile and now I'm doing my job."They watch as Darryl flicks a switch, engaging the almost soundless pool filtration system."Nice Job," Byron replies to his actions."Not when there's two big pools, four medium-sized," Darryl counts off on his fingers, switching hands, "the one inside the guest house, plus," he runs out of fingers, "eight spas, not to nymphet little porn nonude nymphets mention scrubbing down nymphets xx the saunas?" He didn't mention the hazards involved. For instance, mopping the sauna floors, a person had to nymphette pics xxx be careful. Steam mixed with cum could produce a very slippery surface!"I hadn't realized," Byron says.Suddenly Darryl is alerted to a different humming sound."Laundry's here!" Micah says, him and Darryl exchanging a smile.Scurrying off, Byron asks, "And what was that all about?""Ching's laundry truck makes two stops a day. Once, very early in the morning, which is one of Darryl's responsibilities, to make sure every sheet, pillowcase, tablecloth and everything else dirty gets on the truck. Then, later on in the morning 'new stuff' is dropped fc2 nymphet off."Byron summises, "So, if somebody doesn't show up to accept the clean stuff, they pull away?""Nah. They've been picking up and delivering for ages. They know where the pickup and delivery points are, child nymphet sexy model however there's a cute pre model nymphets guy by the name of 'Mat Ching' whom helps nymphets asian his brother. He and Darryl struck up a nymphette angel sex nice little friendship!"By this time, Byron was smiling, asking, "And are they more than friends?""Mat is three years older tiny nymphete pussy than Darryl."Shrugging his shoulders, Byron replies, "So? Ellio and weren't the same age when...."Whimsically, Micah says, "Hmm..." but detours from thoughts of Byron and Ellio, "What I 'was' going to say is, Mat attends the Armando Novellino School of the Arts and suddenly Darryl has shown an interest in 'art'.""I toon nymphettes have an interest in it myself. If I knew there was an art school closer, I might not have applied so far away from nymphet pantie pics home," Byron says."Art? I hadn't a clue. What do you do?""Mostly watercolor. My mom was an artist and taught me a lot about how to look at things, then record them from the tip of a brush," Byron states."Profound," Micah replies of Byron's rhetoric."Something I picked up from teenage nymphet game my mom." Then, recalling immediate past events, "I betcha my father was wrong.""In what respect?""I betcha when he tells her," he jokes, "they've got a faggoty son, she'll be more accepting than him?""Could be." Micah couldn't begin to imagine, after going through the father's performance. Disposing of the theme of the conversation, Micah asks, "So, you want to take a ride to the Novellino school?""Sure. What would be cooler though is, if I could still nymphets bbs free non nudes nymphets fill out an application. Do you think the fall semester classes have been closed yet?""Never!" Micah says, confident nymphets myusenet there will be spots in 'any' class for his boyfriend. "And on our way, you can fill me in on ukrainienne nymphette whatever else Ellio 'taught you'!"%"Care for a lemonade?"Set about his new duties right away, he was in the middle of cutting a bush with hedge trimmers, when Hugo Zongo makes a guest appearance."Thanks," Ellio says, taking the tall glass from him, but at the same time stealing glances from head to toe. While his head was bowed, he inquires, "That one of the lines of briefs your company sells?""Oh no," Zongo says, handling up the cock pouch attached to two strings which run around his waistline, "this isn't briefs at all, but rather a swimsuit." Then, from behind his back, "Here, I brought one for you, thinking you might need a break after being out here in the hot sun?"Placing the goggles back on his face, Ellio replies, "Thanks, but Tom Space says there's been a lot of neglect since the old landscaper left, which in my opinion? There's tons of work to nude nymphets models be done. So," he grabs up the shears, "I better keep at it."Still observing, especially Ellio's bare, broad shoulders, Hugo asks, "Now wouldn't it be more efficient using electric or gas powered?""I'd much astral nymphets com rather expend my own energy. I've free nymphets nymphet never used power tools. Keeps me in shape."As Ellio jumped into action, the brief designer felt rejected, but also was thankful for the morning dose of eye candy. nymphet adolescent He wished Ellio was clipping a hedge near the pool, where there would be a suitable accomodation to rest his butt, but he didn't cater to a shaded marble bench, not in the attire he dressed in, which amounted to the skimpy swimwear and a pair of treads. Defeated free nymphet nudes he wandered away."Hi!""Hey," Ellio greeted the next person.Unlike a tall, cool glass of sex galleries nymphets lemonade, Travis Coffman was the bearer of something more economical, "I thought maybe you could use one of these." Setting the small, nasty virgins nude nymphets cube ice nymphet sample chest down, he noticed the glass.Ellio said of it, "Hugo Zongo was here!""Let me guess," Travis sums up, "he was dressed in almost nothing and hoped to lure you to the nymphets bondage xxx pool for a cool swim and more?""Swim? Nope! Didn't say anything about a swim, but if you're up for it, I'll probably spend my lunch hour there!" He laughed it off."I'd be up for it!" Travis replies."Hmm," Ellio says, "how do you mean that?"It opened up the subject for which Travis was meaning to bring up, "I'm not really interested in dating two guys or a love triangle.""Huh?" Ellio was dumbfounded."In other words, if you and Hugo want to get it on, you can count me out.""Me and Hugo?" Ellio says. "Ah-h-h-h!" he replied, sticking his index finger down his throat like a doctor with a tongue depressor.Smiling, Travis says, "I guess I was getting the wrong vibes. Sorry."Standing with the cooler between them, they stare at each other.Perhaps Travis was expecting more, when Ellio squats down, asking, "So, what's in here?" Immediately he mini nymphet shouts, "Oh shit!"Travis nymphets nude link gazes as Ellio turns, feeling his ass. "You don't wear briefs?" he says, viewing the torn seam.Joking, Ellio says, "I suppose I'm cutting down on industry sales, huh?""I won't tell Zongo!""Maybe then I'll need to use his 'little' gift for me?" He pulls the 'slingshot' out of his pocket.Shaking his head, Travis asks, "Got anymore pants like these?""Back at Byron's nymphet in diapers house. We were kind of in a hurry sexy nymphets underage to leave?" Ellio replies."C'mon," Travis says, picking up the cubed cooler."I've got to finish the hedge," Ellio replies.Travis informs him, "The new security director, he's got this thing about nudity.""Around here? But I thought....""It's tolerated around the pool, as long as we can get away with it," Travis says, leading Ellio away."Where are we going?" he hurries along."To get you a new pair of pants.""Yeah, cool, but there's only one problem. Like I haven't gotten my first paycheck yet?"Reasoning, Travis says, "Your pants got torn while doing your job. It happened on company time, therefore Cayman foots the bill!"Walking right into the main house, in the direction underage nymphet russian of Tom Space's office, Ellio exclaims, "Like oh my God!""What?" Travis turns.Looking down upon himself, it's plain to see, the house air conditioning causing Ellio's nips to stiffen up!"It's like forty little nasty nymphets degrees in here!" He exclaims, rubbing his hands up and down his front to take the chill off."Hmm, need some help keeping warm?""You kidding? With torn work pants and no briefs, my ass is like freezing off!" Ellio kids."How about the front part?" Travis asks."If we don't hurry, the cold is going to work it's way around front and soon I'll have two ice cubes!"Laughing, the two hustled to Tom's office and it only took two seconds for Travis to ask, "I need a card for Cayman's account? Ellio went and split his pants.""Oh?" Tom asks. "You know I have to inspect all merchandise before it's replaced?"Calling Tom's bluff, instead of turning around to show the torn buns, Ellio unbuckles his belt, unzips and steps out of them, throwing them on Tom's desk, saying, "Here you go inspector!"Travis figures, with the pants messing up Tom's neat desk, sending papers scattered, it's going to cause Holy War, but instead Tom picks them up, finds the split seam and then disposes of them in the trash bin."Hey wait! I want the belt back!" Ellio reaches in, strips the belt from the loops, making sure he grabs his wallet.Meantime, Travis and Tom are exchanging looks and happy smiles, watching Ellio's cock and balls bounce around, then his melons as he bends over. Things would have mellowed out from here, if not Cayman entering, asking, "Tom, I want you to.... oh my! What have we got here?""Ellio Baccolini... the new landscaper I hired?" Tom explains. "He and Travis were just about to head out and replace the pair of pants Ellio had ruined."Ellio says apologetically, "Well they didn't exactly get nymphet erotic pics nymphets pics nude ruined, sir, but rather when I squatted down hot nymphets nude to take a look in crazynymphets com the cooler Travis had kindly brought me, they busted open."Cayman's attention wasn't focused on Ellio's story, but rather the physical facade, though he did respond, "Oh really. Quite a shame. Did it ruin your shirt as well?""Oh no. I wasn't wearing a shirt and..." Ellio explains, "it's the reason I'm standing here in Tom's office with only my socks and workboots on, of which I really apologize.""Apologize?" Cayman laughs it off. Getting serious, he explains, "'Never' apologize for the manly beauty which enfolds your whole being!"Turning his head away from Cayman, finest nymphets gallery which was directly in front of him, Ellio asks Travis, "Was that a compliment?"Tom Space, whom could do no wrong says, "Nah. That's Cayman's usual pick up line!"Of course Cayman came back at him, "Fuck you Tom!"Goofing off, since the others were, Ellio jokes, "Well I was taking it kind of serious nymphet nude porn and was wondering when you were going to start filming me," he laughed heartily.The humor wore off when Cayman says, "Tom, schedule Mr. Baccolini for a photo shoot this morning.""Can't," Tom replies. "He and Travis are going shopping for a new pair of pants."Just then, one of the Ching brothers walks in. "Excuse me," not recognizing Cayman, since he nymphets y o links deals with only Tom, "Tom, tiny nymphets land I'm really sorry, ls magazine nymphets but one of Mr. Karlyle's tuxedos got ruined top art nymphets and we'll fully reimburse you for it.""You ruined 'my' tuxedo?"Ching looked like he ruined 'the Undertaker's' tux, gulping as he realizes this is 'the man', saying, nymphet 13yo "I'm really sorry. It was a new employee and he....""No problem!""Really?" Ching says, relieved."What's your name?" He puts a hand on Ching's shoulder like a buddy."Robbie....""Well Robbie," Cayman says, as his eyes shift back and forth between Ellio and Robbie, "since you've ruined my tuxedo I think it only fair we have an even exchange."Travis, as well as Tom, look at each other. It's not the first time they've seen Cayman pull this stunt!"Exchange, sir?" Robbie questions.Standing there in the buff, a square sofa pillow held at his crotch, Ellio wonders where this is going too."Your clothes for 'my' tuxedo!" And turning to Ellio, "I think Robbie's clothes should fit nymphette masturbation you... no?""We're the same height," Ellio says. "But then what is 'he' going to wear?"Cayman asks Robbie, "Are you wearing briefs?""Um, yeah," the thirty-three year old launderer replies."What more could a man ask for! Strip!""Strip?" Robbie questions."Nah, he doesn't really have to," Ellio says, accidentally dropping the sofa pillow and picking it up.Of course Robbie caught a glimpse!"Nonsense," Cayman says, looking at his watch, which meant things better start progressing faster!Robbie had nude tiny nymphets to go too, "I have to be going. My nymphets gallery for free brother is waiting for me at the truck." Of course, they had gambled to choose which one of the three brothers would be the one to spring the 'bad news' on Tom Space. How 'unfortunate' the 'man nymphets movies free himself' happened to be present.To coerce Robbie, Cayman nude nymphet movies says, as he looks Robbie over, "You know there seems to be a manly being about you, which enfolds your whole being?""Uh, want to run that by me again?" Robbie asks Cayman.This time, Ellio shared in Travis' and Tom's little joke."Have you ever thought about going into modeling?""No," Robbie replies."Tom, find Ellio a set of clothes. We're going shopping. Travis, run fetisch nymphets up to the front gate and free young nymphets sites tell Mr. Ching I'm in need of Robbie's services.""Sure," Travis replies, hightailing it out of there."Want to follow me?" Tom asks Ellio.Taking Ellio out, he asks as they enter a wardrobe closet, "How come we didn't do this in free nymphet pic the first place?""Cayman loves to pull peoples' chain.""Obvious. What about Robbie? I'd feel real bad if Cayman didn't follow through on his committment?"Tom answers, "No, that's one thing about Cayman. He follows through on everything he says. Like you, if Robbie comes through the photo shoot, you both could be supermodels."Ellio laughs his ass off, "Yeah right! Me a supermodel! That'll be the day!"By the time Ellio and Tom reported back to his office, Ellio looked the part of a supermodel. 'His' style of dress, he wore a tank top nymphets art models 12yo which showed off more skin than fabric. For pants, he found something long, not quite sheer, from an unopened box addressed from 'International Male'.Travis, returning from his jog, he giggled to himself upon opening the front door, feeling his nips little nymphet blogs harden up, which drew him back to about twenty mintues ago, lusting over Ellio's hard nips!%"Hey, how come they all have Nick's name on them Alex?"In the first place, Peter entering Braddock's boys department, he was overwhelmed by how tall and wide the place looked, asking Alex how Mr. Braddock expected a kid his size to reach anything!Answering his question, Alex says, "'Nick' is the designer label, Peter.""Who is Nick?""Could be the man himself or some little boy the designer knows. One never knows unless the person is here to ask," Alex explains."Can I try on that?" Peter asks, pointing way, way up on a rack even nymphet cute beyond Alex or Kyle's reach.Seeing the dilemma, Michael offers, "I can climb up nymphets tube and get it for you?"Darryl says, "It 'could' probably support your skin'n'bone bod, Michael!""Cool!" Michael says, thinking Darryl was giving him the go ahead to climb up the metal lattice.However, Alex's hand is right there on the back of Michael's tee shirt, tugging as he says, "I think not Michael-honey!""I was only kidding," he says, the japan sex nymphets wiseass smile attached to Michael's face.There was no need for any wild nymphet model of them to reach for asian nymphet models the top and bottom outfit, a sales clerk making himself nymphets pedo porn useful. Looking around the semi-circle, he asks, "Who are we shopping for today?"His eyes shoot down when Peter says, "Me, silly!"Out of the loop, the rest watch as the guy asks, as he stoops over, "And who might you be?""I'm Peter Monteith. Who are you?""Tom illegal russian nymphets and if you need anything, all you have to do is ask me!" Tom said.Like pointing up to heaven, Peter says, "We need that teen nymphet pics red and blue!""I happen to have just what you're looking for nude nymphets sex pics back here," Tom says, backing up an aisle and reaching in the wooden and glass case.All this time, Tom as been taking glances at Kyle and Alex.Like giving Tom some sidelines information, Peter says, "I think I should try them sweet naked little nymphets on. Y'know? Make sure they fit?""Wise choice!" Tom says, leading Peter over to a booth. After he has Peter and the shirt and shorts sequestered away, he turns to Kyle, Alex having wandered nymphettes russian off to check out the threads, "You nake nymphet don't remember me, do you?""Alex and I were saying we thought, but couldn't place where we met you," Kyle says."I sold you some burgers and fries out in Jersey, when you were on your way to Pennsy?" young teen nymphette pics Tom replies."Sure! You're 'that' Tom! Now I remember!" Kyle says joyously, shaking Tom's hand. "So, how did you land barely legal nymphets a job here at Braddocks'... little nymphet paysite Wait! Never mind that, how come you're hot underage nymphs in the city?""Actually," Tom nude petite nymphets explains, "the reason I'm here, in the city, is the reason I'm here at Braddock's. I'm going to Columbia University this fall and needed a job. Then, while registering for classes, I met this guy and he said, underage nymphos even though Braddock's never advertises, they horny little nymphets are looking for salesclerks and here I am!"For now, Kyle was holding back on the personal association with Stephen Braddock. And a great time for a diversion, Alex shows, Kyle asking, "Guess who this is Alex?""Tom from the burger stand, when we passed by Livingston, New Jersey?""You knew and didn't say anything?" Kyle stands there, gawking."I was over there," Alex nods to eight feet away, "by the racks and overheard."Kyle bust on his lover, "And you had me thinking!""I know," Alex smiles."Hey everybody, is this good?" Peter asks, coming out of the dressing room."Wow!" Tom exclaims. "You hot nice nymphets look super, Peter!"Peter directs to Alex, "Do I look like a model?""Perfect! Absolutely perfect!"From behind him 'the voice' of fate is heard, Kyle saying under his breath, 'Stephen!'"How come I keep running into you lads?" Stephen addresses Alex and Kyle, not with just a handshake, cum slurping nymphs but a full hug dealt nymphets studio gallery out to both. And, looking over Kyle's shoulder, as he hugs him, "New friend of yours?"Having never met lovely sweet nymphets Stephen Braddock before, Tom says as he softly clutches the 'gold bar' with his name, "No. I work for Braddock's."Turning around, after breaking off his hug, Kyle informs, "Tom, this is Stephen Braddock." Then to Stephen, "This is Tom Ladner.""It is pritty nymphets very nice to meet someone within the Braddock empire," Stephen says, taking Tom's hand.As Alex is mouthing the word 'empire', Tom is asking, "Empire?""Well you know," the dark-haired entrepeneur says, "a store here, a store there... it all adds up!"Then from the unforgotten one, Braddock shoots his attention downwards petit nymphets when Peter announces, "Hey mister, you got a nice store here. I tried this on. Do you like it?""Do I like it?" Stephen poses."That's what I'm asking you," Peter rushes his reply. "Of course I like it or else I wouldn't be wearing it!" And then proud, "I picked it out myself and Tom helped!"Now, instead of addressing Peter, Stephen turns to Tom, "You have good taste." Though, staring at those dreamy, dark blue eyes and the goatee around Tom's lips, Stephen was aching to taste for himself."Thanks," Tom replied.But addressing Alex now, Peter says, "Alex, I gotta go pee!"Alex replies, "I think you should change back into your own clothes, Peter."Getting wind of the conversation, Stephen Braddock turns around and clips the tags from the shirt and shorts with his hand, saying, "It's as good as yours now!"Peter says, "Thanks mister!" As they walk away, Peter is telling Alex how nice it was of 'the man'....."Feeling like a third hand, Kyle says, "I think child nymphet nude fun I saw something over there," he points 'anywhere', "I wanted to take a look at."As Kyle left the center of the boys department he looked back, he saw, as predicted, Stephen gravitate towards Tom!%Copyright 2010 T. Chase McPhee`For Sale By Owner: ReaDy FoR THe CiTy' may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.The more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP.....
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